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Welcome to PARTNERS FINANCIER. We are independent business consultants, specializing in the arena of Private Placement.  Working for clients, we find lenders, funds, loans, equity, Joint Venture Partners, private funding organizations and other financial institutions or intermediaries, who can assist our clients finance their company or project. We are professional, independent consultants, not the end lenders. We are not regulated brokers or originators. We deal with licensed and private sources of funds and capital for your needs.  Our expertise enables us to source funding
from outside of the normal main bank channels, or indeed, inside these channels, which companies would not normally have access to. In times of economic downturn financing existing companies or new projects becomes harder; banks reject requests. This is our forte, providing access to loans and funding when others say no. We look forward to discussing your business plans with you, and assisting you to find the money you need for the future. Our lenders and funders have a proven track record of arranging loans for clients around the world, from Asia to America.
CD Loan Programs: Beware of these funding offers. CD interest rates (Coupons) are very low at present. Offers assuming a high coupon rate, which is “Stripped” to repay the loan, are dubious at best. Our advisor, who was one of the originators of this type of financing in the 70’s, says they are simply not do-able in this low interest rate period; you may just lose money. So verify every step of the procedures prior to proceeding. Structured Funding does work, but take care!  
The Funding Arena
At Partners Financier our reputation is everything. Our job is to work on behalf of our clients to try to secure the most viable funding option available tailored to the specific needs of each individual client; matching lenders to clients rather than pushing clients towards specific lenders and funders. International loans are now becoming more time consuming and harder to arrange, so our experience in the market puts us in good stead when dealing with clients and understanding their needs. We are client driven. 
Market Conditions We cannot always succeed in funding clients requests as market conditions are always changing. Lenders come and go. Lending criteria can change at a moment’s notice. Hence we constantly seek to add to our methods of funding and our panel of lenders and funders, to try to provide the best service and the widest range of funding options available.  Service Our people in Europe and Asia communicate with clients and lenders around the clock; processing loan applications with our network of funding sources and reporting back to you in a timely fashion. We are constantly in touch with our lenders and funders on client applications to clarify any points and deal with their need for information or documents from the client. 
How to Proceed If you wish us to assist you to arrange funding please request the Client Submission documents and return them with your full Business Plan, including Cash Flow Projections, Break Even Analysis, Company Accounts, Land Title Deeds, copies of Building Permits, current proof of funds, list of assets and liabilities for review by our lenders. Once we have a positive response, we will then forward any other documents or requirements to complete the transaction for you.
The main types of funding that we use for clients are 

[1] Conventional loans from our Private Fund sources, with interest rates of 5% upwards.  

[2] Our Offshore Corporate Bond structure, lending at LIBOR +3%. 

[3] Special funding for Non-G7 Countries with a minimum loan of $5 million @ 1.5% to 2% APR  
Rates & Terms will vary from loan to loan depending on the Country, the quality of the sponsor or applicant, loan size, cash available, credit rating, corporate experience, company or personal records, the local economy, market strength, loan to value ratio, loan to collateral ratio, whether the loan is for company expansion, new or existing property development, manufacturing, recycling, energy, or new enterprises.   
We specialize in Fundings for $50 million or more using an Offshore Corporate Structure putting client’s collateral into a Corporate Bond New Issue, or LC, to release funding from our credit line provider. Insurance underwriting may be required to obtain a guarantee on the bond repayment. Please inquire for further details. Currently interest is charged @ LIBOR + 3%. 
Interest Rates
 1.5% - 2% APR for loans to Non-G7 Projects, minimum $5 million, no maximum. Due diligence will take approximately two to three months especially for larger projects.  
 5.5% - 9% for commercial loans with interest only repayment over the loan term normally 3 to 5 years, but occasionally up to 7 years. Processing will take two weeks to issue a commitment letter once the term sheet has been agreed and signed. Funding commences 45 to 60 days after the funding deposit has been paid (deposits will range from 0.5% to 2% of the loan depending the application.)  7% to 9% 10 year conventional loans for apartments or retail with presales @ 70% loan to cost. Hotels and hospitality 60% loan to cost.  
 Commercial Loan Terms vary from 2 to 10 years depending on the funding requirement. Terms 
 Repayment can be capital and interest or interest only depending o the lender.   Clear title is required for all security pledged, with adequate judiciary protection.   Independent valuers will be used to inspect projects or companies prior to lending. 
 Inspections, valuations & due diligence costs will be paid by the applicant.   
 Lenders may charge 2% to 6.5% or more at closing.
 Commitment Fees of 0.5% to 2% will normally be required to commit the client to the loan offered. Refunded at closing or if funding fails.
 Hard money or bridge loans can vary from 10% up to 15% for 2 year term with 50% to 90% loan to value ratios depending on the security.  
Some lenders will require an LOI fee or deposit to cover costs and to ensure the client is not merely shopping the market.  


Our lenders have closed loans in Russia, China, Korea, Thailand, Spain, the UAE, Eastern Europe, and America. 
In 2009 we have arranged terms for loans in Korea, America, South America, Dubai, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Spain.
Recent 2009 Lending Offers
Commitment Issued:
Commercial Loan $14,100,000 Asian Project Industrial Sector Japanese Company Rate: 6.75% p.a. Interest only Term: 8 years. Commitment Fee: $168,000 Points: 6.5
Terms Issued:
Construction Loan $29,800,000 Asian Project Hotel Construction European Company Rate: 5%  Interest only Term: 60 months Commitment Fee: $315,000 Costs: $13,900 Points: 5.5
Current Pipeline: 
$185,000,000 US Mixed Property Development
$23,000,000 US Oil & Gas Tool Machining Factory
$26,000,000 UAE Property Development
$26,000,000 Spanish Petrol Company expansion
$24,000,000 Land Purchase in Eastern Europe  
We trust that this information is of interest to you and we are happy to answer any other questions or queries you might have.  Yours sincerely, Partners Financier

In order to proceed we ask clients to send us their business plans and financial projections for initial review. You will then be asked to complete our Client Submission Documents, which give us important information about the company or individual’s background, collateral, financial position and other information this is key to deciding which of our panel of lenders and funders would accept the initial inquiry. Once we have received a positive reply we send you details of the lender (s) and their terms. If you like the outlined offer we then ask you to complete our Consulting Agreement to engage our services as your Business Consultants. 
Financial Consultation:-
Asia Head Office:
Partners Financier 36th Floor, Menara Maxis, KLCC, 50088, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Tel: +603 2615 7315 Fax: +603 2615 0088  

Europe Office:
Lis Cara Business Centre,
51 Fitzwilliam Square,
Dublin 2,
Tel: +353 857 4456 Fax: +353 665 0480

Please note that we merely act as introducers. We are NOT licensed with any regulatory authority. Nor are we the end lenders. We provide a consulting service for clients who are prepared to use our service to source finance for their Corporate or Project Loan requirements. Please note that we merely act as introducers. We are NOT licensed with any regulatory authority. Nor are we the end lenders. We provide a consulting service for clients who are prepared to use our service to source finance for their Corporate or Project Loan requirements. 
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